ATevo Main Control Board (A1) is equipped with a ‘summary’ Common Alarm relay. This relay contact transfers when any one (1) or more of the standard ATevo alarm(s) become active. One (1) set of form-C alarm contacts is provided, and are accessible via terminal block (A1-TB6) on the Main Control Board. Refer to figure below.


  1. Allow 30in / 762mm of wire inside enclosure, and trim excess.
  2. Route annunciator wires to ATevo front panel door by following existing harness past door hinge.
  3. Use two (2) wire ties and allow a 4-6in / 102-153mm loop for the hinge.
  4. Trim wires to length to connect to alarm terminal block (A1-TB6), and strip 0.25in / 6.4mm of insulation.
  5. Make connections at A1-TB6 and tighten compression screws.


  1. Alarm contacts are rated at 0.5A / 125 Vac or Vdc.
  2. Common Alarm relay terminal block (A1-TB6) is compression type, accepting wire sizes #22-14 AWG.
  3. Terminals are labeled in the non-alarm condition, with ATevo operating ‘normally’ and relays energized.
  1. If user alarm contacts (A1-TB6) are to drive inductive dc loads (e.g. a larger dc relay) an external protective diode must be installed at the dc relay to avoid equipment damage. Refer to Application Note (JD5011-00).
Last modified: 3 August 2023

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