In overview, there are four (4) stages. The full detailed procedure is found below:

  • Mount probe assembly (A10) on or near battery.
  • Install interconnection cable from probe assembly to ATevo.
  • Wire charger-end of cable to ATevo Power Board (A2-TB8).
  • Configure ATevo to recognize the TempCo option.

The TempCo probe (A10), or ‘puck’, is the same for all battery types and all ATevo models, regardless of dc output voltage. TempCo accessory kits (p/n EJ5304-##) differ, depending on cable length (25ft, 50ft, 100ft, etc.).


  1. Turn off (open) both ATevo front panel breakers (CB1/CB2).
  2. De-energize and lock out all ac and dc voltages to ATevo.
  3. Allow internal voltage potentials to dissipate.
  4. Remove safety shield and verify no hazardous voltages are present with a voltmeter.
  5. At the battery location, mount the probe (A10) on a clean, dry surface on or as close to battery as possible.
  1. To apply probe, clean mounting surface with isopropyl alcohol and dry thoroughly.
  2. Remove protective backing from double-faced adhesive tape on probe.
  3. Press adhesive onto surface.
  4. Install supplied cable:
  • Route end of cable that has two (2) stripped wires and a quick-connect terminal to the inside of ATevo enclosure.
  • Leave 30in / 762mm of cable inside enclosure.
  • Run cable through a conduit that does not contain power wiring.
  • Route other end of cable to probe at the battery.
  • Coil up excess cable.
  • Make sure all wiring conforms to NEC, local, and site requirements
  1. Route the interconnection cable to the lower end of the ATevo Power Board (A2). Locate signal terminal block (A2-TB8) and EARTH terminal as shown below:

  1. Connect the TempCo cable to ATevo.
  • Insert one (1) of the stripped wires from the twisted pair into each position of terminal block (A2-TB8). Connection Points are not polarity sensitive.
  • Locate the EARTH quick-connect terminal at the bottom of Power Board (A2), and carefully pull off the quick-connect terminal and wire from the EARTH terminal.
  • Plug the quick-connect terminal attached to the end of the TempCo cable’s shield wire onto the Power Board’s EARTH terminal.
  • Connect the quick-connect terminal removed from the EARTH terminal to the ‘piggy-back’ terminal on the end of the TempCo cable’s shield wire.
  • Fasten the TempCo cable to existing wire harness with plastic wire ties.
  1. At the battery, connect the quick-connect terminals to the TempCo probe (A10). Connection points are not polarity sensitive.
  2. Coil up and wire-tie any excess wire to prevent damage.
  3. Confirm that:
  • All connections are secure.
  • Both the TempCo shield and the original ground wire are connected to the EARTH quick-connect terminal (A2-EARTH).
  • The twisted-pair wires of the TempCo cable are connected to the 2-position terminal block on the Power Board (A2-TB8).
  1. Replace the safety shield and close the front panel door.
  2. Restart the ATevo.

10.2.1 Configuring the TempCo Option

ATevo will need to be configured to enable the TempCo probe (A10) and to select the battery type. Refer to Section 4.11 Configuring Battery Settings for both.

Last modified: 27 September 2023

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