The EQUALIZE METHOD button switches the equalize method between MANUAL TIMER and AUTOMATIC TIMER. The present equalize method is displayed at the top right of the HOME screen

  • Eqlz Mthd: Man’ specifies MANUAL TIMER
  • Eqlz Mthd: Auto’ specifies AUTOMATIC TIMER.

To change the Equalize Method:
EQUALIZE METHOD > select other displayed option

When AUTOMATIC TIMER is selected, ATevo will:

  • Automatically switch to EQUALIZE mode when power is restored after a loss of AC power for greater than 12 seconds.
  • Remain in EQUALIZE mode until either the EQUALIZE TIMER expires or the charge mode is switched back to float mode manually.
    When MANUAL TIMER is selected, ATevo will only switch to EQUALIZE MODE when the mode is manually changed.
Last modified: 8 September 2023

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