• Shut down and lock out all power to ATevo.
  • Remove safety shield.
  • Check with a voltmeter before proceeding.
  • Remove wires on both sides of circuit breaker, noting polarity.

For Standard kAIC Breakers:

  • Standard breakers are mount to a DIN rail.
  • Pull tab located on right side of breaker to release it from rail.
  • Place new breaker in same orientation onto DIN rail.
  • Push in snap tab to lock it to DIN rail.
  • Reconnect wires with same polarity as removed breaker.

For Medium or High kAIC Breakers:

  • Breakers are mounted to a breaker bracket via (2) screws and nuts. Screws are along centerline of breaker between lugs on left and right side of breaker. Nuts are on back of breaker bracket.
  • Remove nuts from back of breaker bracket and pull breaker toward you, off of breaker bracket.
  • Remove screws from breaker and insert them into new breaker.
  • Position new breaker onto breaker bracket and install nuts on back of breaker bracket.
  • Reconnect wires with same polarity as removed breaker.
  • Replace safety shield and close front panel door.
  • Restart ATevo.
Last modified: 2 August 2023

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