Wall-mounting is the standard method. Refer to Style-5054 enclosure outline drawing (JE5251-00). When wall-mounting ATevo, consider the following:

  1. Wall must be strong enough to properly support ATevo’s weight, plus a safety factor. Refer to Weight Table in Section 1.6, Moving ATevo. The weight of your ATevo may be different, depending on the features, options, and accessories ordered with the unit.
  2. Select conduit entrances with planned AC input and DC output wiring in mind. By using pre-fab knockouts on enclosure sides or bottom, the enclosure shroud can be removed for internal servicing without removing ATevo from the wall.
  3. Location requirements:
    1. Free of drips and splatter. If falling particles and liquids are a problem, install a NEMA Type-2 drip shield accessory.
    2. Between 0 and 122 °F / -18 and 50 °C, with relative humidity between 0% and 95% non-condensing.
    3. Must be free of flammable or explosive materials.
  4. Maintain at least 6in / 152mm of free air on all vented surfaces for cooling.
  5. Allow at least 36in / 914mm front clearance for operation and maintenance.


Install four (4) 0.25in / 6.4mm anchor bolts (not supplied) rated to support ATevo’s weight plus a minimum safety factor of two (2) times, into the wall. Place ATevo onto anchor bolts, add appropriate mounting hardware, and tighten securely. Refer to the following graphics for ATevo’s wall-mounting pattern and specification.

Wall-Mounting: Style-5054 Enclosure

Last modified: 3 August 2023

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