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The Weatherlink logger itself is a very reliable component. In 99% of cases of logger-related issues, the fault will be found to relate to computer or software issues or to external problems such as wireless interference or noisy AC mains or, very occasionally, to a loose logger, rather than to any inherent fault with the logger itself.

But logger-related issues can be varied; tracking down the cause of a particular problem may require working patiently and methodically through the fault symptoms and troubleshooting as per the various logger topics here. Try simple measures first, especially rebooting both console & PC.

But if these simple steps are not successful then more detailed troubleshooting will be needed. For communications problems with the USB logger, in particular, a basic understanding of the USB drivers may well prove necessary – please see the Understanding WL Comms & Issues topic for a primer.

Davis-compatible loggers

There are now several hardware devices that can provide logging and Internet upload services for Vue and VP2 weather stations. The best-known are Davis’s own serial and USB Weatherlink loggers along with the newer Weatherlink Live device. But there are also two main third-party makers of compatible loggers – the WiFi Logger ecosystem and the Smartbedded Meteobridge set of devices. The WiFi Logger devices are closer in function to a WeatherlinkIP logger and so troubleshooting notes will be found below in this section. Meteobridge devices tend to be more of a self-contained data handling solution for Davis stations and so have their own separate section.

Backing up Weatherlink data

All PC data that is stored in only one place (eg on your main hard drive) is potentially vulnerable to corruption and loss and Weatherlink data is no exception to this general rule. Especially once you have had a Davis station installed and collecting data for a year or two (maybe 10 years plus) then it becomes a valuable resource that it would be a great shame to lose or have damaged. So backing up your Weatherlink data regularly is a wise move in keeping the data safe. Simple video instructions for performing Weatherlink data backups are available in a video on the Davis Youtube channel.


With any logger-associated fault, the first remedy to try is simply to reboot the console and also the PC. This will often fix simple faults and it’s not worth even thinking about investigating other possible causes until both console and PC have been rebooted and tested again. Logged data or settings will not be lost simply by rebooting the console.

Common logger-related issues

With the caveats listed above and assuming that simple reboots have not fixed the problem then the following types of problem can occur. Bear in mind that there are several possible combinations of console and logger type. The commonest combination will be a standard console type (ie Vue/VP2/Envoy) with a USB logger and we’ll focus mainly on this pairing, but there are other popular logger types such as WeatherlinkIP and the serial logger; and the Envoy8X is a rather different console type with its own WDTU software and features.

Last modified: Nov 20, 2021


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