This topic is here simply to list the different types of rain gauge used in Davis station to allow users to understand which type is fitted to their station. Troubleshooting advice for rain gauge issues will be found in the introductory Rain gauge faults topic.

Davis rain gauges use two distinct measurement mechanisms, depending on model. The Vantage Pro 2 stations (and forerunners) use what’s often referred to as a tipping bucket raingauge (TBR) that employs a two-sided seesaw mechanism, while the Vantage Vue station uses a single bucket, referred to as a tipping spoon type. These two alternatives are described below.

Both Vue and VP2 types come in two different rainfall increments – US units (0.01”) and metric units (0.2mm). Note that the measurement unit is distinct from the display unit – it’s entirely possible to measure rainfall with a 0.01” gauge but to display the results to full accuracy in metric units (and vice versa). Originally, Davis only manufactured gauges with the 0.01” increment, but in the past 10-15 years the 0.2mm option has been added to satisfy those users who preferred their measurement increment unit to be metric as well. It is essential to know which increment your gauge is and to have this same increment set in both console and any software. Failure to check this will result in substantial errors in the measured rainfall – this subject is discussed in a little more detail in the Rain gauge faults topic.

Last modified: 2018/12/01