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MeteoBridge is essentially a self-contained computer able to process data from any of the Davis stations using a data feed from one of the Weatherlink loggers (or with MB Pro Red, direct from the VP2 sensor transmitters). MeteoBridge is a product of Smartbedded and is one of the family of software and hardware products whose names all start with ‘Meteo’ and which also include MeteoStick, MeteoHub and MeteoPlug.

This knowledgebase topic covers just two of the products: MeteoBridge and MeteoStick, which is dealt with as a separate subtopic. Refer to the main Smartbedded site for any issues relating to MeteoHub or MeteoPlug.


Primary support for MeteoBridge is provided by the creator of the MB software in two main ways:

  • Detailed instructions for setting up and using MeteoBridge can be found at the MeteoBridge home page;
  • Any further questions can be asked on the MeteoBridge forum . The author is usually able to answer questions there within a day or so;

All support requests for MeteoBridge should be directed to one of the two resources noted above, But some further notes on MeteoBridge are included below covering some issues that can crop up when setting up an MB unit for the first time. But you must refer to the wiki notes for information about how to configure uploads to weather networks, how to use Push Services etc.

Important: MeteoBridge is effectively a software product that is available in a number of different devices:

  • Meteobridge Nano and Nano SD: Logger hardware devices that plug into a Vue or VP2 console as for other loggers and that come preloaded with the Meteobridge Pro software;
  • Meteobridge for Raspberry Pi: A downloadable image specifically for Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 computers, which can accept a data feed from any logger, including Weatherlink Live;
  • Meteobridge Pro Black: A complete self-contained hardware version of MB, requiring a data feed from any Weatherlink logger device;
  • Meteobridge Pro Red: Similar to MB Pro Black but can receive wireless data: direct from VP2 sensor transmitters (ie no console or other logger necessary);
  • The original Meteobridge software version: Sold as a software download suitable for flashing on to donor device, typically a WiFi router purchased separately such as a TP-Link MR-3020. (Largely superseded now by the other MB devices listed above because of their extra features, but still available.);
Last modified: Oct 24, 2021


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