Enviromonitor: This is a completely new range of Davis environmental monitoring equipment launched during 2017 and which is not specifically covered in this KB (although some of the sensor troubleshooting information here may be relevant). Enviromonitor is actually an existing Davis branding that was previously used in the early 2000’s for a special ‘advanced’ version of the Weather Monitor II generation of stations. The old and new (2017) ranges are totally different – don’t confuse old and new Enviromonitor systems.

ISS Integrated Sensor Suite: This is the Davis term for the main sensor assembly and sensor interface module (SIM board) which sits outside in the weather and actually generates the raw weather readings. On a standard Vue or VP2 system, the weather station will consist of two components: the ISS and the display console. On a VP2 system the anemometer is also included when a new ISS, which is available as a separate spare, is purchased.

Meteobridge: Specialist devices from Smartbedded UG for processing data from Davis weather stations (and also from other makes). Meteobridge Red devices can receive data direct from Davis Vantage sensor transmitters without requiring a Davis console receiver.

RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication: This is a measure of the strength of the wireless signal as received at the Vue and VP2 consoles from different transmitter types.

SIM board This is the Sensor Interface Module – the circuit board that is a key part of the ISS. Each of the individual outside sensors plugs into the SIM board, whose circuitry processes the raw readings and transmits the data in packets back to the console by cable or by wireless according to the type of station.

VP1 The abbreviation commonly given to the original Vantage Pro weather station manufactured by Davis from 2000-2004. The VP1 was never known as such during its lifetime, being referred to as simply a VP station, but with the advent of the new generation of VP2 stations there was a need to distinguish old and new versions, hence VP1 and VP2. Note that most of the parts of VP1 and VP2 stations are not compatible with one another (because the communications protocol is incompatible), although a few of the basic sensors such as anemometer and rain gauge are interchangeable.

VP2 The current generation of Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather stations.

WL A Davis Weatherlink product. In fact, ‘Weatherlink’ is the name used by Davis to refer to all of: the Weatherlink logger, the Weatherlink software and the Weatherlink pack, which always includes both logger and a ‘free’ copy of the WL software.

WLIP The 6555 WeatherlinkIP logger.

WLL The new Davis 6100 Weatherlink Live unit due to be launched in April/May 2019 and that allows reception of up to eight VP2-type sensor transmitters in any combination before uploading their data to the Davis cloud platform.

WMII The Davis Weather Monitor II stations, which were the mainstream Davis stations before the VP1 stations were launched and whose manufacture ended about 2005.

WWIII The Davis Weather Wizard III stations, which were a more limited companion product to the WMII stations and of the same era.

Last modified: Feb 27, 2019


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