Key information

Detailed instructions for updating the firmware can be found on p3 of the Prodata WFL PDF instruction manual.

Latest firmware is currently v1.20 and can be downloaded here:. Please note that this is in zipped format and will need to be unzipped as per the instructions in the update description.

Further information

Updating the firmware is a straightforward process but the instructions do need to be followed carefully.

Note that while this overall procedure is termed ‘updating the firmware’ for short, there’s actually more to be done than updating just the firmware. The WFL ‘firmware’ actually consists of two components: there is the firmware itself – code that controls operation of the WFL; and, separately, there are HTML pages (and associated styling files) that determine how the various WFL menu pages appear when viewed in a browser on PC, smartphone etc.

The firmware and HTML parts of the update process need to be performed as separate steps. So, overall, there are 3 stages to the update:

  1. Download and unzip the latest firmware zip file to a known location on your device;
  2. Update the firmware itself using the ‘Update firmware’ section on the System menu;
  3. Update the HTML files using the ‘Upload HTML’ section on the System menu. This step needs to be repeated for each individual HTML or related file. For a general update all files in this HTML section are updated, but there’s no reason in principle not to update just one or more files (eg if only one such file in the overall set needs updating);

It may be that the HTML update process, in particular, can be simplified in future, but for the time being please remember that the HTML files will need to be updated one at a time. These instructions are described in a little more detail in the update PDF linked to above.