Console/logger faults can often be fixed simply by resetting or rebooting the console. It is always worth trying a reboot as a first step if you’re having problems with unexpected or apparently faulty console behaviour. If there is any possibility that the logger could have become loose (eg as a result of undue tension on the logger cable) then please also check the ‘Loose logger’ subtopic below.

The Vue and VP2 consoles do not have a formal reset switch. Instead, rebooting is achieved simply by powering down the console completely and then repowering it. Powering down means removing all sources of power, ie both mains and battery power (removing one battery is sufficient to remove battery power). Power should be off for at least 10-20 seconds (or longer if you wish) to ensure that all internal circuitry is fully powered down. Then simply reapply mains and/or battery power.

The console will beep as it powers up again. It’s good practice to count the number of beeps and check that the total is correct, as in:

  • Vue console – 3 beeps (or 4 with logger installed);
  • VP2 console – 2 beeps (or 3 with logger installed);
  • Envoy console – 1 beep (or 2 with logger installed);

VP2 consoles with recent firmware and all Vue consoles will exit Setup automatically after about 10 minutes, but VP2 consoles with older firmware will not exit Setup automatically at all. If you see a VP2 console simply saying ‘Receiving from’ on the ticker line at the bottom of the display then it is still in Setup mode and the Done button needs to be given a long press.

Too few beeps

If the console gives one fewer beep than expected and you’re trying an older logger in a newer console then you may have run into the green dot issue. In this case there will be a message along the bottom line of the console saying ‘Incompatible logger’. But if you do not see this message then the issue has a different cause – check that the logger is fully home on its pins and is not loose – see the next topic.

Loose logger?

Under some circumstances (but typically because of a pulling cable), the logger can become loose on its pins and this is a classic cause of intermittent or erratic logging. If you suspect this sort of issue then it is always worth checking that the logger is tightly home on its pins, but do so only when the console is fully powered off. The logger usually needs a good firm push to ensure that it is fully home. New users can sometimes be too timid with the amount of pressure applied, but (i) do make sure that the logger is correctly lined up on its pins before applying pressure; and (ii) don’t use a totally disproportionate amount of force.

The logger relies on there being a slight degree of splay on the pins in order to hold it tightly in place. In rare cases, the pins may be too parallel with one another and the logger will then not be tightly retained. In practice, the simplest solution in such cases is to apply a small rectangle of sticky-backed foam to the inside surface of the battery compartment cover, just to apply extra pressure on the logger – this fix works well and is typically a more pragmatic alternative than sending the console back to the service centre, potentially for 2-4 weeks, for ‘repair’.

Last modified: Jan 10, 2019


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