Enviromonitor (EM) is powerful weather + enviromental monitoring system also manufactured by Davis Instruments.EM is mostly intended for remote installations and so is based around an EM cellular gateway device similar to a Vantage Connect unit but using a different wireless protocol (ZigBee) to link its sensor transmitters (‘nodes’) to the master gateway.

EM allows a much greater number of sensors and choice of sensors to be connected into a single system – each EM node can have up to 4 sensors connected to it and the EM architecture allows an almost unlimited number of nodes to report to one gateway. The choice of sensors is much greater than with the traditional Davis VP2 systems.

This KB does not cover Enviromonitor in any detail because EM systems are typically used only in commercial applications and will be supported directly by the supplying dealer. However, some sensors in EM systems are identical to those used in VP2 stations (eg a cabled VP2 ISS) and so some of the sensor troubleshooting notes here may be relevant.

Last modified: 2019/07/04