Updating MeteoStick firmware

The latest MS firmware is currently v2.2 (as of May 2015).

MeteoStick is a relatively mature product and it will rarely be necessary to update the firmware on a MS unit. In general, if a new feature is added to MS, it will be to allow operation in new territories or to provide compatibility with newly-launched weather station models. Typically, MS will already be fully compatible with your existing system (or you would not have bought it in the first place) and so updating the firmware is unlikely to be needed.

However, if you do wish to update the MS firmware then the procedure is as follows:

If you are running MS in combination with either a MeteoBridge hardware unit or a computer running the MeteoHub software then either of these platforms provides a simple feature for updating the firmware. All that is required is to issue the following command from a PC on the same network as the MeteoBridge or MeteoHub unit:


(Where ‘IP-of-your-MB-or-MH’ is not meant to be entered literally but to be replaced by the IP address of your MB or MH unit so for example the command could become but obviously with the being replaced by the MB/MH IP address on your particular network.)

The ‘stickupdate.cgi’ script will then download the latest available MS firmware and upload it into the MS unit.

If you don’t use MB or MH, but have the MS unit connected directly to a computer running your own program to consume the MS data then updating the firmware is still possible but is a more involved process. The firmware itself can be downloaded as the file www.smartbedded.com/files/meteostick.hex. The firmware can be installed in the MS unit by using the Linux avrdude toolset or equivalent Windows tools that can upload arduino binaries. If you’re unsure about the exact procedure here, it’s probably best to ask on on the MeteoStick forum at: http://forum.meteohub.de/viewforum.php?f=59 .

Last modified: May 30, 2015


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