Cause 1. Logger not fully initialised

Origin: The logger was installed with the console powered up or for some other reason has not initialised fully or its configuration has become corrupted.

The only reliable way of fitting any type of WL logger into its console socket is to fully power off the console prior to logger installation. Additionally, the serial data logger (6510SER) does not always take kindly to the serial cable to the PC being connected or disconnected while the system is powered up and this in itself can cause problems with PC-logger communications. (It is recommended that the PC serial cable is only to be connected to the PC when either the PC or the console is powered off (ideally both should be off). The USB logger (6510USB) – like most USB devices – is more foregiving in this respect and the USB cable connection can generally be made and broken at will.

Resolution: The logger must be reinitialised by Rebooting the console. While the console is powered off, be sure to check that the logger is firmly in place. Remember that rebooting the console will not, of itself, cause any console settings or previously logged data to be lost.

Cause 2: Date/Time not synchronised

Origin: The date and time are not sufficiently synchronised between console and PC. Date/time does not need to be exactly synchronised, but if settings in the console and PC drift too far apart then the PC can be fooled into thinking that there is no new archive data to download when new data is requested from the logger.

Resolution: Resolution is simply a matter of resynchronising the date/time settings. This is easiest to do by using the ‘Set Time and Date’ menu option from the main ‘Setup’ menu of the Weatherlink program. This menu calls up a dialogue box that shows both console and PC Date/time settings side by side. Detailed steps are:
1. Check the current date and time from a reliable independent source;
2. Call up the Set Time and Date’ menu option from within the WL program;
3. If the date and time settings on console and PC do not agree with one another or with the actual current date/time then make the appropriate adjustments;
4. Do not forget to check that the year is correctly set on both console and PC. (It’s not unknown for console and PC to be synchronised to the second except that they are set to different year values.)

If neither of the two fixes above cures the problem then Detailed troubleshooting is going to be required.

Last modified: Jun 12, 2018


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