Manage permits for your vehicles

With Permits, you can personalize which permits and licenses should be required for vehicles depending on your local regulations. This works in the same way as the user permits.

Access this by going to Dispatch > Settings > Vehicles > Permits in the Admin Panel.

To begin editing, scroll down and press the edit button.

Click on the green + sign.

And start setting your permits:

  • Give your permit an ID and a name.
  • Select whether this permit applies to vehicles or users.
  • If you choose User, select whether it is for drivers or dispatchers.

Enabled means that the permit field will appear for example in the driver app, allowing the driver to upload a licence or other document.

Required means that the user won’t be able to start a shift if they don’t have an approved permit.

You can create many different types of permits

To read more about how the permits are approved, check out this article from the Dispatch Manual Manage Permits.

To read more about how to upload permits, check out this article from the Driver App Manual. Upload a Permit.