Saving a ride (preset job) to a customer account

This is useful if the customer requests the same rides on a regular basis. This way you will “save the ride”, and you won’t have to type the same addresses and information over and over. You will also be able to see and offer the customer their regular rides, which may be appreciated by them. You can add up to 4 preset jobs to any customer.

  1. Start creating a new job in the system for this customer, choosing the pick up and drop off addresses as usual.
  2. Type the passenger’s first name, and press enter in your keyboard to bring up the Customers panel. For a new customer you may also bring up the Customers panel by clicking on the button at the top of the Dispatch.

  1. Proceed to Edit the account as explained in the previous section.
  1. Click on the Add preset job button. The information from the new job will be added automatically as a Preset Job.

Using a preset job

If your regular customer requests a ride that you have previously saved, you will be able to quickly enter it into the system to create a job for them.

  1. When creating a new job, start typing their name and pressing Enter to bring up the Customer panel.
  2. Click on the preset job that you wish to use. It will auto-fill the location fields in your new job.