If you have already created Assignment Zones, the creation of tariff zones is similar, although its purpose is quite different.
Tariff zones are used to create specific tariffs that you want to apply when billing based on the area the job was performed.
Tariff zones would let you, among others:

  • Assign Flat tariffs from one tariff zone to another.
  • Assign Zone tariffs within a single zone.
  • Create Tariff rules involving a tariff zone.

However, it is not required for you to set Tariff Zones if you don’t wish to make tariffs that depend on the location. In that case, you can move forward to the creation of Tariffs Schedule.

Create a Tariff Zone

Click on the New Zone button. A small panel will appear on the map.

  • Draw the zone by clicking on the map and forming a polygon.
  • Double click to finish drawing.
  • Enter an id, code, and name for the tariff zone.
  • Click on the green checkmark to create.