Shift settings

The shift settings are designed to give you increased control over your drivers’ working habits.
Keep in mind that this feature can prohibit drivers from working hours they like or taking jobs when they like so it may not be suitable for all business models.

You can either pre-define shift schedules for your drivers, or if, like in some regions, your local authority has issued laws or regulations on driver work activity, you can use the shift settings to enforce those work-time regulations. See examples of how it can be configured below.

● When a driver works 9 hours within a set time period, they will have to take a 12
hour break before starting the next shift.
● 60 minutes of driver’s away status (breaks) should not be included in their total
shift time.

Enforce Start
Driver’s shifts can only be started during an active shift schedule.

Enforce End
Driver’s shifts will end in line with the shift schedule.

Assign jobs outside of shift hours
Allows jobs to be assigned to drivers outside of their shift hours.

Respect shift end
It is not possible to assign jobs to drivers who cannot complete the job before their shift

Hours of Service Enforcement

Hours of service enforcement allow drivers to log in and out without the restrictions of a set shift schedule but will control their shift activity based on their working time in the pre-defined time periods (cycles).
In the example below, drivers can work a maximum of 8 hours (480 min) and have a 1-hour break on top of that. The total work day will then be 9 hours including breaks in a 24-hour (1440 min) period and require a 12-hour (720 min) rest before the next shift.
The ‘‘Max combined time’‘ includes the driving time combined with the away time.

Max shift length
The maximum amount of time a driver can be active on a shift during the current cycle.

Minimum rest
The minimum amount of rest time a driver must take between shifts.

Cycle length
The amount of time for which shift time can be accumulated. For example, if you’re cycling length is 24 hours and your max shift length is 8 hours you are only allowed to work when the next cycle begins.

Max deferred rest
The maximum amount of break time within a shift will not affect their shift length. If you surpass this time limit while “Away” in the driver app it will start counting towards your shift length.

Long Cycle
Long cycle settings can be used where the local authority defines working time regulations over a long period.
As shown in the example below, drivers are permitted a maximum driving time of 40 hours per week (work cycle length). They are required to take a 12-hour rest between shifts and can extend their shifts by 60 minutes for breaks.

Maximum driving time
The number of driving hours that can be accumulated in the work cycle length.

Cycle reset time
The minimum amount of time a driver must rest between cycles.

Work cycle length
The amount of time for which driving time can be accumulated.

Max deferred rest
The maximum amount of break time within a shift will not affect their shift length.

Assigning shifts to schedule and drivers

Before proceeding with this step, make sure you’ve configured schedules here:
Once your schedules are configured we can begin adding them to the “Shifts” section at the bottom of the page.

Select the driver you want to create the shift for, click on Ok and save the changes before leaving the page.

Finally, you will need to activate the shift under the driver’s profile in settings>users.

Select under your driver’s profile the schedule you would like to add for that specific user.