To activate the shift function you must tick the option Shift enabled.

There are several options you can set up depending on how you would like the system to behave.

  • max length, you can set the max length of the driver’s shift.
  • minimum rest, define the minimum rest in between shifts.
  • End shift when max length reached, you can enable to force the end of the shift when the max length of the shift has reached.
  • Max shift length alerts, there are three alerts you can set to notify the driver that his/her shift is about to end.

Shift settings

If activating Enforce start and Enforce end, the app will automatically start and finish the drivers’ shift in the driver app when their shift schedule is in progress.

Assign jobs outside of shift hours, enable this option if you still would like to assign jobs to the drivers even though they are not in their shift hours.

To add a new shift, click on Add and select the driver you would like to create the shift.
After finishing click on Ok and then Save.

Select the driver you want to create the shift, click on Ok and save the changes before leaving the page.

Finally, you will need to activate the shift under the driver’s profile in settings>users.

Select under your driver’s profile the schedule you would like to add for that specific user.