When creating a custom schedule, for example, to prepare for a special holiday, it is important to take into consideration a few important points.

The custom tariff schedule can’t conflict with the existing schedule, and there should not be overlapping time frames for the different tariffs.

For example, if your current schedule has only two (2) tariffs, let s say a day tariff from 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Sunday, and a night tariff from 8 PM to 8 AM, your schedule will look like this:

This will allow you to have two separate tariffs based on the time of the day that the booking is made.

However, if you want to make a tariff schedule for a specific weekday or a specific date, you need to have a custom tariff, especially for this period. In this example, let’s use Tuesday from 6 PM to Wednesday at 6 PM.

In order to set that, you will have to make two new time entries in the schedule. This is done by removing the already-filled areas of both the standard day and night schedule. Our new tariff schedule will look like this:

The two newly added segments have different colors and this is crucial, as those will be used at a later stage to set the tariffs themselves, however for now it is important to notice, that the ‘‘Purple’‘ overlaps only the night schedule and the ‘‘Light blue’‘ overlaps only with the daily schedule.

To set this correctly, you will have to interact with the times each day and adjust them accordingly as shown below:

Once this part is done, and you made sure that all the times are correctly arranged without any overlaps, it’s time to set the tariffs.

Start by editing the standard tariffs that are already set in place., Considering that the day (yellow) and holiday 2 (light blue) have the same hours of the day, and hence should have the same price, the process is pretty simple. The same applies to the night (green) and holiday 1 (purple).

The tariffs are shown below:

This will be your standard schedule, however, you will need to add one more tariff. To do so, just click on the (+) in the tariffs.

Now you can create a custom tariff for your special day. The day and night tariff previously set will remain the same, but you will change the two segments called holiday:

Now, it is time to set the tariff rule, so the system knows when to use the custom tariff.

To do so, you need to go into the tariff rules section and add new tariff rules. It is very important to start with the ‘‘Holiday tariffs’‘ as the system checks for rules from top to bottom. Select a date range (remember that the schedule is Monday to Sunday) in which you want these special tariffs to be applied.

For demonstration purposes, we have selected the dates between December the 5th and December the 11th, followed by December the 19th to December 25th:

It is important to tick the date range box and select the tariff that should be used in these date ranges. These rules mean that during days outside this specific date range, the system will continue to use your standard tariff. However, when a pre-booking/asap booking is made for a ride in this custom time range, the system will apply the new tariff that you just set.