Messages in Dispatch is to send chat messages, static message, scheduled messages or to send a push notification for your RPA (If applicable).


Chat is to send direct messages to drivers, individuals or dispatchers. You can send text or voice messages.

  1. Send to – Here you can select individual users or a user group, e.g drivers or dispatch.
  2. Prio – This option is to give different alerts of the message, 0 = silent – message will only be displayed in chat, 1 = Only sound – a sound will play when receiving the message, 2 = Sound (and Popup displaying the message if not in chat already).

Static messages

Static messages are to give drivers a message pop-up whenever they log in.

  1. Edit – Press edit if you want to insert a message for drivers.

Scheduled messages

Scheduled message are for sending a scheduled message to drivers, dispatcher or individuals that are logged in.

  1. Schedule new message – This tab will allow you to create a scheduled message, Recurring – This will display all the recurring messages, Upcoming – This will display all the upcoming scheduled messages.
  2. From – Here you can enter the name of the message sender, e.g “Dispatch”.
  3. Options – Here are all the options for the scheduled message. Duration – The amount of time it’ll show for everyone who has/is logging in between the scheduled time. Here you can specify different reciepients depending on tags and roles.
  4. Repeat – This option allows you to be able to repeat the message at a certain time for a set number of days.

Push notifications

Push Notifications are only available if you have a Premium Rebranded Passenger App, when sending a Push Notification, all users who have your Rebranded Passenger App downloaded will receive the message.