When booking from dispatch, you are usually able to look for places that are indexed in Google Maps, such as airports or famous buildings, just by typing the beginning of the name, for example Newark Airport.

But you may have certain places that are popular pick up or drop off locations that might not be indexed in Google Maps, such as local restaurants or businesses. Adding POIs can solve this and simplify the booking process for dispatchers. This feature allows you to use these POIs just like you would search for an indexed place by just typing the beginning of the name in the pick up or drop off fields.

For example, we have created a POI called TLO – The Little Owl, which will appear when starting to write TLO.

If you want to see all of your POIs in a given zone in the dispatch central, just enter the zone number or the zone name in the address field. For example if we have zone 4 for Manhattan (MAN), we can begin typing either 4 (the zone number) or MAN (the zone ID). If you then click on Manhattan (4, MAN) you will be able to select All which will show you all the POIs for that zone.

To see how you can create POIs, please check the following article: POIs – Points of Interest