End user manual made easy

Depending on your configuration and privileges, an application may look and function differently for different users. Nevertheless, certain functionalities are often similar. These functionalities, which are valid for most applications, are explained in short, easy-to-understand, video sequences instead of long manual texts.

On the following website you will find the video manuals, which are only a few minutes long. Because your specific application often does not contain all the functionalities, you may not be able to see all of the areas shown in your application.

Our tips

Repeat the videos as often as you like and try out the features in your application at the same time.
The video series will be expanded when new functions are added. Save a link to your browser and visit the site regularly.
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Have fun with the Videolernen: Link to the end user video manuals

Have fun with the Video Presentation: Link to the end user video manuals