We recently upgraded the UI for the Directory Registration. The registration now has two steps: (1) the first step allows users to quickly initiate an account, and (2) the next step allows users to continue updating their profile – while completing the listing – until it is ready to submit.

‘In Progress’ Status

For this process, we created a new ‘In Progress’ status to let you (the film office), see these initially started records and potentially tap those registrants on the shoulder if the listing sits a long time without being submitted for review.

Email Follow-Ups

When a crew member initially starts a record on the Registration page, they will immediately receive an email letting them know that a profile was initiated. It will also include a link for them to return at their convenience.

You, at the film office, also have the ability to send a “Listing In Progress” email to all registrants who have not completed their listings over a period of time.


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