Pulseroller has authored and made available Add On Instructions (AOI) in order to make your programming easier to follow. In this document up until this section, when connecting to an ERSC module regardless of mode; your PLC program needs to directly access the register data array tags created when you created the ERSC instance. The AOIs attach to created ERSC’s register data arrays and maps the data into user tags and functions with meaningful names. There are two separate AOIs for use depending on the mode of the ERSC you want to connect: a ZPA mode AOI and a PLC I/O AOI

Selecting the Proper AOI Instruction

AOI are imported to your specific PLC program file and not into the RSLogix 5000 environment like an EDS file. The following chart provides a cross-reference for selecting the proper AOI file based upon the ERSC firmware version and mode of operation

ERSC Firmware ERSC Mode EDS File AOI File
4.24 and Earlier ZPA Mode ConveyLinx_ZPA_Instance_1.eds ERSC_ZPA_424.L5X
4.24 and Earlier PLC I/O Mode ConveyLinx_PLC_IO_Instance_1.eds ERSC_PLCIO_424.L5X
4.25 ZPA Mode ConveyLinx_V5_6.eds ERSC_ZPA_425_5xx.L5X
4.25 PLC I/O Mode ConveyLinx_V5_6.eds ERSC_PLCIO_425_5xx.L5X
5.02 ZPA Mode ConveyLinx_V5_6.eds ERSC_ZPA_425_5xx.L5X
5.02 PLC I/O Mode ConveyLinx_V5_6.eds ERSC_PLCIO_425_5xx.L5X
4.27/5.07 ZPA Mode ConveyLinx_V5_6.eds ERSC_ZPA_427_507.L5X
4.27/5.07 PLC I/O Mode ConveyLinx_V5_6.eds ERSC_PLCIO_425_507.L5X