The SE Breakout Module is used to provide convenient screw terminal wiring access to the RJ-12 ports (Sensor and Control) on the . The SE Breakout Module utilizes an RJ-12 to RJ-12 interface cable to connect to the .

Additional Functionality

Blocking Diodes

In addition to providing simple wiring connectivity to the RJ-12 pins, the SE Breakout Module also provides blocking diodes for both the Local Zone Accumulate input signal (Pin 3) and the Interlock input signal (Pin 4). The SE module’s diodes are equipped with user settable jumpers to allow configurations for both sourcing and sinking solid state PLC output modules.

Output Amplifier with Optional External Power Source

The SE Breakout Module also includes an amplifier for the Control Port’s output circuit (Pin 1 and Pin 6) to allow up to 100mA of current load. This feature will allow the Control Port output to drive a small inductive load such as a relay coil as well as a PLC input. Because of current restrictions on each pair of Sensor and Control Ports, you can optionally connect an external +24V power source to the “+24V” terminal on the SE Breakout Module to provide power to connected devices. The SE Module’s output can accommodate up to 500 mA with this external power. The SE Module also contains circuitry to prevent a connected external power source from back-feeding into the ‘s power bus.