When an ERSC is in its default ZPA mode, an external networked PLC or PC controller can connect to the ERSC and perform the following:

• Instruct either or both the upstream and downstream zone to accumulate the next Carton that arrives
• Receive indication that a new Carton has arrived at either zone
• Receive indication that a Carton has departed from either zone
• Read tracking data associated with Carton at accumulated zone
• Update tracking data associated with Carton at accumulated zone
• Instruct accumulated zone to release Carton and accumulate on next Carton arrival
• Change the MDR speed for either zone
• Remove accumulation control and return zone to normal operation
• Read fault and error status of either zone or motor
• Optionally take over control of either or both Control Ports

Notes about Assemblies in ZPA Mode

When an ERSC is in ZPA Mode, its primary task is to operate its local conveyor zones and respond to its immediate upstream and downstream conditions. External PLC controller interaction with an ERSC in ZPA mode is intended to be for decision point monitoring and general status data gathering. Upstream and Downstream zones work exactly the same for zone control, only the register addresses are different depending on which zone (or both) that need to be controlled