There may be instances when you want to return a to its “factory default” state. The procedure to do this is the following:

  1. Unplug all sensors, devices, motors, and network cables such that the only thing connected is power
  2. Press and hold the Install Button until the Module LED begins to flash
  3. When the Module Status and Network Status LEDs both blink green, the procedure is complete

How to unlock a module with EasyRoll

Factory Default Settings

Item Value or Setting
IP Address Settings IP:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Left & Right Motor Settings Senergy ECO
Normal Braking
Closed Loop
100% Speed
CW Direction
100 Pulses Acceleration
50 Pulses Deceleration
Module Mode ZPA – 2 Zone – Left to Right Flow
Singulation Release Mode
All Settings Options Unchecked

Look Ahead & Timing Settings JAM Timer = 5.00
Auto Clear Timer = 5.00
Run After Timer = 5.00
Sensor Debounce = 0.10
All Induct Timers = 0.00
Control Ports All Options Unchecked
Sensors Sensors are “ON is Blocked”
Sensor Health are “ON is Error”
Connections All are Cleared