By default, anytime the Auto-Configuration procedure is performed, each ERSC on the network is placed in ZPA Mode regardless of what mode it was in prior to the procedure. In certain situations, such commissioning a larger system, you may need to perform the Auto-Configuration procedure multiple times as you perhaps add to or modify your network. For example, let’s say you need to add some more modules to the beginning of a network you have already configured and this network has several modules in PLC I/O mode. When you perform the Auto-Configuration procedure, not only will the I.P. address change for all of the existing modules, but the modules previously in PLC I/O mode will revert back to ZPA mode. In order to keep from having to individually go back and place those module back into PLC I/O mode, the Lock PLC Mode checkbox allow you to lock the module into PLC I/.O mode so that if a new Auto-Configuration procedure is performed, the module will stay in PLC I/O mode, even if it position in the network (I.P. address) needs to change.

When you check the PLC I/O Mode checkbox, the Lock PLC Mode checkbox will enable. Once you click “Apply” and the module is placed into PLC I/O mode, it will also be locked so that it will not go back into ZPA mode upon an Auto-Configuration procedure.