For the Senergy motor there are 30 pulses per revolution of the motor shaft. The formula to calculate the linear distance the roller would turn in one pulse is:

mm/pulse = (π × Roller Diameter) / (30 × Gear Ratio)

For example, we have a standard Senergy roller with a diameter of 48.6 mm (standard 1.9” tube) and our speed code is 60. From the chart on page 10 (2019 edition of the Catalog) indicates that the Gear ratio for a 60-speed code is 11. From this information we plug in the values into our formula:

(π × 48.6) / (30 × 11) = 0.463 mm per pulse

For this 60-speed code Senergy roller, when you set the Deceleration in Closed Loop mode to 50 pulses; the roller will decelerate for a distance of:

0.463 _ mm/pulse_ × 50 pulses ≅ 23 mm