The Control Ports tab provides selection and adjustment to the Pin 4 Interlock Signal on the most Downstream zone to provide a Lane Full Interface that is typical in conveyor applications. With Lane Full Interface checkbox checked; the Downstream Interlock will change its default functionality to ignore the confirmation signal from the downstream controls and thus eliminate the logical Arrival Jam condition. This will allow the downstream zone to continually release as long as the sensor signal is OFF (default). This option also allows the user to set a block and clear time for the Pin 4 signal for added flexibility

When a sensor is plugged into the downstream Control Port, you can check the Lane Full Interface checkbox. This will cause the zone to no longer require a downstream arrival interlock (i.e. Ignore Arrival Jam) and use the sensor signal to stop and start releasing from the zone. Block and Clear Timers are provided to adjust the behavior of product flow based upon the blocking and clearing of the sensor. In this example we entered 4 seconds for Block Time and 5 seconds for Clear Time.