The process “Develop Job Description” was sent for an Approval Cycle when you edited it and associated a Document. You received a notification letting you know you have a process to review.

Let’s now see how this approval impacted your Home Page Widgets. You will also be able to view the document we uploaded and the processes and roles assigned to your role.

1. Click on the icon to navigate to your Home Page. Your Home Page should look similar to this. Under the Widget “My Actions,” you will find the process you need to approve, under “My Documents” the document we imported and we assigned “HR Manager” as responsible, under “My Actions Pending” the number of approvals you need to review and under “My Processes & Tasks” the processes and tasks assigned to your role.

2. To see the same exact content you need to have the same Widgets as the previous picture. To add new Widgets, navigate to the drop-down and choose the “Dashboard Manager” box. A new window will be generated where you can choose the Widgets you would like to add to your Home Page, and click on to add them.

3. Let’s customize a Widget. Navigate to the button of the “My Actions Pending” Widget, and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu. A window will be generated where you can customize the Widget.

4. Change the name to “My Approvals to Review,” and navigate to the “Select Actions” drop-down, choose “Approval,” and click on .

5. Your “My Actions Pending” Widget should now look like this.


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