Approval cycles often involve multiple individuals before changes can be implemented. This is often the case as business activities that are subject to change may affect multiple different roles and resources, requiring their consent prior to change. These approval cycles can vary dependent on the organization, and the importance of the request being made. As such, the EPC supports both parallel and serial approval cycles.

Assign Approvers to Processes

Before a change is applied to a process, it first needs to be approved. In this scenario the “HR Manager” will review the changes made to the process, and then approve or reject the changes. The “Hiring Manager” will then review the changes as well made to the process, and then approve or reject the changes. Both roles receive automatic emails and notifications notifying them they need to approve a process.

1. Navigate to the Details View of the process “Develop Job Description.”

2. Click on the box; choose the “Approval” box from the drop-down menu generated.

3. A window will be generated allowing you to assign the process’ approval cycle. Select the “Serial” approval cycle type.

4. Now you will select the approvers. Type the name of the role in the “Select Approvers” field, and select the role as approver. Start with the HR Manager followed by the Hiring Manager.

5. The two approvers will now be displayed in a numbered list. The numbers indicate the order of the approval cycle. Click on the button to save the approval cycle for the process.


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