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New Visibility option for manual versions: “Published, but Unlisted”

April 22nd, 2020

A while ago, we received an interesting feature request from one of our loyal clients Sharon. For manual versions, she suggested a “Test Mode” option, a visibility selection halfway between Published = YES and Published = NO.

In Test Mode, the version of the manual would be completely public and live, BUT hidden from the version dropdown in the top bar of live manual. This way, a new version of a manual can be previewed by people in your company (by sending them a direct link to the new version), without your users finding it. And without your online manual “defaulting” to showing that latest version.

We figured this was an excellent idea and we have implemented this now.
To stick with Youtube terminology, we called the new status “Published, but Unlisted”.

You can find and select in your Version Manager screen now:

New: Easily switch between versions in live manuals

July 15th, 2015

New in your live manual:
A quick version selector in the top, allowing your readers to easily switch between multiple versions of your manual.


New: Order your versions by dragging and dropping

June 24th, 2014

As of today, the Versions tab in the Manual Settings screen gives you more control over the order of your versions. In particular, it lets you configure which version is the default (= first) one, that is, the one that automatically ones when users visit your live manual.


New: better UI for adding versions and langages

June 2nd, 2014

In the Manual Setting screen, the tabs for adding Languages and Versions were cumbersome and inconsistent, that is, using a different UI for a similar task. So we fixed it.

Adding Languages

The Languages tab now allows the adding of multiple languages in one go, without closing the screen.
Select a new language from the drop-down at the bottom, then click Add to add it to the list. Repeat for more languages. Finally, use Save Changes to close the screen and apply all added languages.


Adding versions

Same here, now allows adding multiple versions in one go.
Click the Add button to make a new version row appear, then fill in the fields. Repeat to add more versions and click the Save Changes button to save your additions.