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New Visibility option for manual versions: “Published, but Unlisted”

April 22nd, 2020

A while ago, we received an interesting feature request from one of our loyal clients Sharon. For manual versions, she suggested a “Test Mode” option, a visibility selection halfway between Published = YES and Published = NO.

In Test Mode, the version of the manual would be completely public and live, BUT hidden from the version dropdown in the top bar of live manual. This way, a new version of a manual can be previewed by people in your company (by sending them a direct link to the new version), without your users finding it. And without your online manual “defaulting” to showing that latest version.

We figured this was an excellent idea and we have implemented this now.
To stick with Youtube terminology, we called the new status “Published, but Unlisted”.

You can find and select in your Version Manager screen now:

Account home: clearer indications of published status

May 27th, 2016

Small tweak to the account home page, to avoid confusion over the published status of manual, especially regarded version status. Each manual entry now has a button showing either:

  • View Live, for published and public manuals
  • View Live, with a lock icon, indicating a Private manual
  • Draft: for unpublished manuals
  • Version Unpublished: for public manuals that have there version still set to Draft mode.