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Include Previous/Next Topic links at the top

July 6th, 2020

Another nice addition suggested by one of our clients (thanks Nick!):

It is now possible to include the Next and Previous topic links at the TOP. Or at the bottom. Or both. Or just not have them at all. You choose!

This setting can be found on the Customization tab of the Manual Settings screen:

Previous/Next Topic links showing at the top of a topic:

Enjoy and stay safe!

Automatic Next/Previous Topic links for all topics

November 26th, 2014

Manual has allowed you to include “Next Topic” and “Previous Topic” links since the beginning, but they had to be include manually into your topic content. However, we received requests from users who just wanted to always have these links automatically, for all topics in a manual.

Sounds like a great idea, so today we added this option in the Manual Settings screen, on the Customize tab. The option is called “Include links to previous and next topic”.
It is switched ON by default for new accounts and switched OFF for existing accounts (to not interfere with possible manual next/prev links).

The automatic Previous Topic and Next Topic links will appear in their own bar under the topic’s content, right above the feedback area: