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Fix: Double height live manual top bars

August 5th, 2016

Live manuals with long company names and/or manual names could cause the top bar to become double height, especially on smaller screens. Not a problem by itself, but the double height bar overlapped the topic title, making it unreadable.

After today’s tweak, the top bar now nicely pushes the content down, leaving everything visible.

Improved top bar and ToC on mobile devices

June 3rd, 2014

Today we’ve implemented several improvements to the look and feel of your online manuals when viewed on small screen mobile devices.

  • The Table of Contents that appears after clicking the button in the top bar now also supports the expanding and collapsing of topics, just like the normal ToC that appears in the sidebar on larger screens.
  • The layout of the top bar has been improved (the navigation bar that contains the company logo and name, manual name, language selector, search bar and ToC button).

An example top bar of the live manual by one of our clients:


New: add a logo to your manual’s top bar

June 2nd, 2014

Multiple Manula customers have asked for this feature: the ability to add a logo to the top bar of live manuals (the navigation bar that shows the company name, manual name and search box). With some smart Custom CSS tweaking, this was already possible, but we decided to make this into an easy-to-use Customization setting.

It is now possible to upload a logo at both the Account Settings level (e.g. for a company logo for all your manuals), or at the Manual Settings level.


TIP: If you upload a company logo to appear in the top bar, you may want to uncheck the “Show Company Name in Top Bar” option in Manual Settings (depending on your logo of course).

Here’s an example of a live manual with the Company Logo in the top bar and the Company Name removed:


New: Link top bar company name to your site

May 27th, 2014

  • New Account Setting: Company Website.
  • New Account Setting to change the destination of the Company Name link in the top bar of live manuals. Choose from:
    • Company hub page (the home of all your manuals at
    • Company website (set your Company Website using the new Account Setting, see above)