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Live manuals now auto-expand topics in ToC

November 24th, 2020

A nice tweak suggested by one of our clients (thank you, Caroline!)

“When navigating to a sub-topic via a link, can the parent topic auto-expand?

That is good one indeed. If you click on a topic link somewhere inside a topic’s body, it did now automatically expand the parent topic in the Table of Contents panel, making the new selected topic still invisible.

Auto-expanding the new topic’s parent(s) is a perfect enhancement indeed.
And today, we have implemented just that 🙂


Improved “expand behaviour” of Table of Contents

August 26th, 2014

Two small optimizations to the live manuals today:

  • When you select a topic in the Table of Contents, it is always automatically “expanded” to show its’ subtopics.
  • The clickable (tappable) area of the expand/collapse icons (chevrons) is now slightly larger, making them easier to touch on mobile touch screen devices.


Thanks to Mark from Pyware, for suggestion this tweak!

Fix: remembering topic “expanded/collapsed” state

June 4th, 2014

expand-collapse-stateA while ago we introduced the remembering of each topic’s state, whether it is collapsed or expanded, for both the live manuals and inside the manual editor.

However, one user reported that that didn’t work on Safari on Mac OS X.

Today we were able to reproduce and fix the problem. This feature should work on all supported browsers now!

Thanks to Pete from AgileBits for reporting this!