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New editor tools: Set text and marker colors

April 12th, 2016

editor-colorsManula uses the popular Textile “mark-down” language for formatting your manual topics. This lets you basically do any formatting you want (including text colors).

However, we figured we’d make setting the color of a piece of text a bit more accessible, right from the topic editor toolbar.

At the same time, we introduced an easy way to highlight a piece of text with a marker color.


Re-design of editor tabs

April 11th, 2016

Just a small re-design of your topic editor screen today:


The tabs at the top have been re-designed to make them look more like tabs and to make a clearer separation between the two main Edit/View tabs, and the secondary Statistics/Revisions tab.

Fix: Cursor position got lost after inserting images or links

March 22nd, 2016

Just fixed a problem in the Topic Editor that could be quite annoying for some people:

After inserting an image using the Image Manager or after inserting a topic/website link, the cursor position in the topic editor was lost. This caused unnecessary scrolling and searching before one could continue editing again.

After today’s fixes, the cursor nicely returns right after the freshly insert image or link.

Fix: Current topic got lost when switching languages

March 18th, 2016

languages-menuQuick fix for an annoying user interface issue:
In the topic editor, when switching to a different language using the Language Selector menu, the current topic selection got lost, returning you to the Overview page.
Now, it nicely returns you to the topic you were working on 🙂

Few tweaks to the topic editor

March 14th, 2016

topic-editor-tweaksWe noticed occasional confusion about the Keywords, Visibility and Slug fields in the Topic Editor. So we figured we’d make some small tweaks to the layout of the editor to make these 3 quite important fields a bit clearer.

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