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topic-editor-tweaksWe noticed occasional confusion about the Keywords, Visibility and Slug fields in the Topic Editor. So we figured we’d make some small tweaks to the layout of the editor to make these 3 quite important fields a bit clearer.

Title Slug for URL

The Title Slug field controls the topic identifier part of your live topic URLs. Previously, the field was located at the bottom right, under the topic body. As this field is closely related to the Topic Title, we have now moved it to the top right, next to the Title box.
For more info, check the manual topic about the Title Slug field.


Topic Keywords

The Keywords box is still bottom left, but now clearly labelled and bigger, allowing more room for lots of keywords.

More info about setting Topic Keywords.


Topic Visiblity

The Visibility selector is now position bottom right and is now also labelled.

Learn about setting the Topic Visibility in the manual.