Lightning Forms

Lightning Forms is an app for SharePoint that provides an easy to use, yet powerful editor to customize list forms.
Building forms in SharePoint and Office 365 that look great and fulfil all the different purposes of your forms has never been easier!

Deploy easily

Lightning Forms is a SharePoint app that extends SharePoint’s content editor. No need to use any separate tools or go to an external site. All form editing can be done seamlessly in your browser on your SharePoint site.

Place form fields freely

Place your fields anywhere on the form using easy drag-and-drop or ribbon interface. Start out with the form layout as provided by SharePoint and then reposition fields, align field labels or change the label text where needed.

Group vertically, horizontally or in tabs

Easily group fields and other elements in vertical/horizontal groups or tabs. Flexibly combine different group types to create the layout you want. You can even embed groups inside other groups, allowing for even the most complex layouts.

Rich text editing

Use all the powerful features of SharePoint’s content editor web part to add freely formatted text, tables, images, embedded scripts and media using the familiar Office ribbon-interface. And if the user-friendly editor is not enough for you, you can always resort to editing the HTML source to make almost anything a browser can handle possible.

Edit sub items in a grid

Place a sub list on your form for any related SharePoint list. Thus users can fill out multiple entries quickly with SharePoint’s familiar editable grid view. Lightning Forms will ensure that the items are saved with the form’s other data. And it works even on new forms, so your users can fill out forms quickly even if multiple sub items need to be entered.

Handle complex business logic

Implement even complex business logic using Lightning Forms’ flexibly configurable, expression-based behaviours. Make a field or form section dynamically show or hide or become enabled or disabled depending on other inputs. Set default values and even recalculate them while the user is entering data in the form.

Act on data

There is more to data then editing and storing. Users want more than just viewing data they entered. Lightning Forms let’s users act on data, making data do more. Build completely new functionality using the freely configurable actions provided in Lightning Forms. Sending mail, adding or changing other list items, redirecting to a web page and much more can easily be done and can even be based on form data using highly flexible expressions.

Define complex validation rules easily

Use expression-based validation rules to specify required form input. These can even handle changes to entered data. For example: Make the entry of a reason required depending on the status selected.

Embed any web part on your form

Using Lightning Forms you can embed any web part inside your form. For example display all related lists and libraries right inside your display form.

Revert to older versions

Whenever you need to go back to an older version of your form, rest assured Lightning Forms editor will automatically keep old versions and let you restore them easily.

See the result while designing

Being able to see what the result will look like makes creating beautiful forms easy. No need to configure where you want your fields in an abstract editor. Immediately get feedback on how things look using the powerful drag-and-drop and ribbon interface provided by Lightning Forms WYSWYG editor.

Seamlessly integrated in SharePoint

Because Lightning Forms only extends SharePoint’s list forms and uses all out-of-the-box functionalities, the forms work and act as part of SharePoint and users are immediately familiar with them.


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