Release Notes Impleo v. 3.16.0201

New functionality

  1. Functionality added to import discount-codes from Excel
  2. New CSS-classes added to all <body> -tags for each page for customization: “profile”, “category”, “product”, “customize”, “cart”
  3. Functionality to dynamically change External Item No for at templatebased product, using a fieldname with name=$extitemno$
  4. Functionality to dynamically change the name of the pricefile to be used for a templatebased product, using a fieldname with name = $pricefilename$
  5. Pricefiles can now be defined on department-level
  6. Global file-library added
    1. Global file-library can be used for global pricefiles (which can be overridden by pricefiles on company, department)
    2. Global file-library can be used for loading global css (“global.css”)
    3. Global file-library can be used for global html-headers (“globalheader.txt”)
  7. Mailfunctionality with improved SSL-handshakes for smtp-hosts that require this
  8. Generation of local productionfiles is logged
  9. New productionClient (release 3.16.0201)
  10. Deleted items added to media archive
  11. Media Archive now makes thumbnails of word and powerpoint-files
  12. Possibility to create Impleo Flippage directly from Media Archive
  13. Thumbnails for videos in media archive generated based on 2 seconds into video
  14. Option to set that emailed productionfiles for templatebased products should be cropped to trimbox automatically
  15. Improved ADFS/SAMLAuthentication incorporated into ImpleoWeb-core
  16. Option for setting (on configuration-level) that when on “customize”-step the user will get an alert-box if clicking links that would navigate away from Customization and loosing data.
  17. ExtItemNo-field added to orderliness instead of being only on products (which could invalidate orderline if the itemnumber changes after the order was processed)
  18. When re-ordering previous orders the system now re-calculates values for hidden fields that contain a default value
  19. When trying to re-order a templatebased product that has customization disabled the product is automatically added to the cart.
  20. Save-data-Window is set to use the same design and layout as Share to Email and other similar dialogs with extended customization and skinning.
  21. Option added to configuration-level to control the transparency of preview-text
  22. Setting an address mandatory in Cart now requires values in both address 1 & postal (zip&place)
  23. Functionality to retrieve and use images from Media Archive in templatebased products
    1. categoryid:<LIST OF IDS>
    2. namelike:<assetnames to filter/search for>
  24. $preview_url$ added as possible “variable” in OrderConfirmation email to include link to previewfiles (requires that attach previewfiles is selected to the email-notification).
  25. Option for adding GoToCategory-button/link to cart


  • Floating of images now calculates and stores the correct vertical position
  • Choosing to NOT store vertical position of formatted text now supported


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