New functionality

  • Max-length defined for Title, Alternative title and phone-fields in “My profile”
  • Floating images now saves the correct ending y-position based for products with productionfiles with and without bleed defined (pdf+images is also treated the same way)
  • The field-type Formatted text (floating) is now retired and is automatically converted to normal Formatted text with the position defined as floated.
  • MediaArchive-elements read Itpc-tag “Caption” for imagefiles, and uses that as the name of the asset (for new uploads – not updates)
  • MediaArchive-elements read Iptc-tag “Keywords” for imagefiles, and defines those as keywords for the asset (for both new uploads and updates)
  • “Order as”-functionality includes functionality to use “hidden” keywords to automatically select product-selections and default order-quantity for the custom product:
  • Keywords: $product=<INTERNAL-PRODUCTNAME> or $productno=<EXTITEMNO> and $q=<QUANTITY>
  • Under administration for productbindings of customproduct, the External ItemNo is shown when hovering over the internal productname.
  • PDF-files with bleed/cropmarks that are uploaded to MediaArchive will generate thumbnail-files cropped to trimbox.
  • Resizing images (for thumbnails and/or low-resolutionfiles) is now optimized using Pipeline-processing
  • Users file library is activated for permanently uploades files. The file library is located under the user in the Admin area.


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