Virtual Independent Mode detects when an external dc branch breaker is opened while ATevos are in Forced Load Sharing. ATevos not connected to the same dc bus cannot share load.

If either of these two (2) conditions persist for more than 25 seconds, Forced Load Sharing ATevos will go into Virtual Independent mode:

  • when total load shared between ATevos is less than 1.0 Amperes
  • when output voltage of any Secondary ATevo, that is actively sharing load, sags 1.5% under the Primary ATevo’s output voltage

This condition is cleared when the Primary ATevo detects the total current supplied by all chargers is greater than 1.0 Ampere, and the Primary ATevo itself is supplying at least 0.4 Amperes.

While in Virtual Independent mode, the ATevo will display ‘Loadshare Indep. Mode’ on the last line of the display.

Last modified: 2 August 2023