ATevo features a mechanical layout and connection diagram screen-printed onto its internal acrylic safety shield.

ATevo consists of the following components and subsections:

Rectifier Assembly (A6)

This is a grouping of an aluminum heatsink and a Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) module. It is mounted on the left side of ATevo in Style-5054 enclosures. The Rectifier (A6) converts single-phase alternating current (ac) power to direct current (dc) for the battery.

Remote Temperature Probe (A10) – optional

The battery temperature compensation, or ‘TempCo’, probe (A10) contains a temperature-dependent resistor in an epoxy module. When used, this probe is installed on the battery and is connected to the Power Board (A2) at TB8.

ATevo Silkscreen (1PH 30-50 Adc)

ATevo Silkscreen (1PH 75-100 Adc)

Last modified: 7 September 2023