ATevo has a Low Level Detect feature similar to the Low Level Detect feature in legacy AT10.1 chargers. This feature is a dedicated hardware circuit that detects if the dc bus voltage is below a configurable set point. If so, the Low Level Detect circuit will force the Common Alarm Relay to the alarmed state.

The Low Level Detect circuit functions independently of the microprocessor. It will trigger the Common Alarm if a catastrophic microprocessor failure should occur to indicate that the dc bus voltage is critically low and immediate attention is required. The circuit includes a dedicated Analog Low Level alarm LED that illuminates if the Low Level Detect condition is triggered.

The Analog Low Level alarm LED (DS2) is on the back of the Main Control Board (A1). Open ATevo’s front panel door to view the Analog Low Voltage Alarm LED.

Refer to Section 4.3.4 for instructions on how to configure the threshold for the Low Level Detect feature.

Last modified: 8 September 2023