Preparation & Existing Transformer Removal for All ATevos:

  • Shut down and lock out all power to ATevo.
  • Allow internal voltage potentials (and heat) to dissipate.
  • Remove safety shield.
  • Disconnect battery from DC Output Circuit Breaker (CB2+/-).
  • Check with a voltmeter before proceeding, including any installed remote sense wires.

Transformer Removal

  • Remove enclosure shroud.
  • Disconnect Transformer (T1) wires at Power Board lugs (A2-X1 and A2-X4).
  • Disconnect T1-Y1 and T1-Y2 transformer wires at Power Board (A2) terminal block.
  • Disconnect MOV Board (A9) from H1 and H5 primary leads, by removing two (2) screws that connect H1 and H5 lugs to MOV Board (A9).
  • Disconnect H1 and H5 primary wires from AC Input Breaker (CB1).
Transformer (T1) is extremely heavy. Be prepared to support its weight before proceeding.
  • Remove hardware at corners of transformer mounting plate.
  • Carefully lift transformer off and out of enclosure.

New Transformer Installation:

  • Position new transformer in same orientation existing, making sure mounting holes in plate align with holes in enclosure.
  • Reinstall hardware in corners of transformer mounting plate.
  • Route H1 and H5 primary wires to AC Circuit Breaker (CB1), making sure lugs for MOV connection align with bolt holes in MOV board (A9).
  • Install two (2) screws through lugs that connect MOV Board (A9) to primary wires, and tighten nuts.
  • Insert ends of H1 and H5 primary wires into AC Input Breaker (CB1), and tighten compression lugs.
  • Route X1 and X4 secondary wires from transformer to X1 and X4 lugs on Power Board.
  • Insert wires into lugs and tighten lugs.
  • Route Y1 and Y2 wires from transformer to terminal block on Power Board (A2).
  • Install wires into terminal block and tighten screws.
  • Replace safety shield, and close front panel door.
  • Restart ATevo.
Last modified: 12 September 2023