ATevo can be installed into most 23in/584mm and 24in/610mm relay racks with standard EIA hole spacing. ATevo’s enclosure does not need to be modified for rack mounting, but a special kit is required. The kit includes two (2) mounting brackets, appropriate hardware, and Installation Instructions (JA0091-50) for the rack-mounting procedure.
When rack-mounting ATevo, consider the following:

  1. Rack must be strong enough to properly support the unit’s weight. Refer to the Weight Table in Section 1.6, Moving ATevo.
  2. Select conduit entrances such that planned ac input and dc output conduit is accessible after rack-mounting. Note the standard pre-fab conduit knockouts located on the sides, top, and bottom of the enclosures.
  3. Location requirements:
    1. Free of drips and splatter. If falling particles and liquids are a problem, install a NEMA Type-2 drip shield accessory.
    2. Between 0 and 122 °F / -18 and 50 °C, with relative humidity between 0% and 95% non-condensing.
    3. Must be free of flammable or explosive materials.
  4. Maintain at least 6in /152mm of free air on all vented surfaces for cooling.
  5. Allow 36in /914mm front clearance for operation and maintenance.


To rack mount ATevo, first install mounting brackets into rack using proper hardware (not supplied). Second, mount ATevo onto installed brackets, using supplied kit hardware. Provide at least 6in /152mm of free air above and below ATevo for cooling. Refer to the following
graphics for rack-mounting configurations.

Rack Mounting: Style-5054 Enclosure

Last modified: 3 August 2023