ATevo alarms can be divided into two (2) groups:

  • Legacy AT10.1 Alarms
  • Advanced Alarms (covered in Section 7.5)

The Legacy Alarm group is a superset of the standard alarm group recommended by the NEMA-PE5 and IEEE standards for stationary battery chargers. These alarms have dedicated front panel LED indicators and are referred to as ‘legacy’ alarms since they have the same functionality as the standard alarms available on legacy AT10.1 and AT30 Series battery chargers.

The GREEN AC ON LED indicator, and the six (6) RED Legacy Alarm LED indicators are summarized in the table in Section 7.3.
The table identifies:

  • alarm active while LED is lit
  • condition that is detected
  • possible causes of the condition (where applicable)
  • configurable set point that controls when alarm becomes active (where applicable), and section where such configuration is discussed
  • relay which alarm activates

Alarms will also be reported by any installed optional protocol communications board and may also be configured to activate a discrete relay on optional Auxiliary I/O Boards. Section 12.4 gives instructions on how to configure relays.

Last modified: 27 September 2023