To simplify access to ATevo standard drawings, multi-sheet PDF binders have been compiled for 1PH Group II models – each of which begins with JH00##-##..

For Style-5054 enclosure JH0011-22 JH0011-26
For Style-5070 enclosure JH0011-23 JH0011-24 JH0011-25

They can be accessed via hyperlinks in the table below.

Links to Standard Drawing Binders – By Output Voltage, Ampere Rating, and Enclosure Style

Output Voltage Ampere Rating
30 ADC 40 ADC 50 ADC 75 ADC 100 ADC
24 VDC JH0011-22 JH0011-22 JH0011-22 JH0011-24 JH0011-24
48 VDC JH0011-22 JH0011-22 JH0011-22 JH0011-24 JH0011-24
130 VDC JH0011-26 JH0011-23 JH0011-23 JH0011-24 N/A
16 ADC 25 ADC 30 ADC 50 ADC 100 ADC
260 VDC JH0011-25 JH0011-25 N/A N/A N/A

The individual drawings featured in these binders include:

  • Enclosure Outline Drawings
  • Internal Component Layout Drawings
  • Control Panel / PC Board Detail Drawings
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Connection (Wiring) Diagrams
Last modified: 18 September 2023