The Primary ATevo runs a discovery poll each time it is reset or power-cycled. For discovery poll to work, Secondary ATevo(s) need to be powered before the Primary.

During a discovery poll, the Primary ATevo queries ATevos with Charger IDs A, B, C, and D. The Primary ATevo records the Charger ID of a responding ATevo in its database, and immediately attempts to start sharing load with that ATevo. Once a Primary ATevo discovers a Secondary ATevo, it expects it to be present the next time it is reset or power-cycled. As such, the Primary will continuously poll any previously discovered Secondary whether it is present or not. It will no longer matter which ATevo starts up first, following a power
cycle or reset.

A user can also initiate, on demand, a discovery poll on the Primary ATevo as follows:
MENU > SYSTEM SETTINGS > discover new hardware

  • As shown above, once load sharing has become active, Secondary ATevos will show ‘(S)’ after the charger mode. In similar manner, the Primary ATevo will show ‘(P)’ with the load-share indicator.
  • Secondary ATevos display the same charger mode as the Primary controlling them.
Last modified: 22 September 2023